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Sometimes piercings can hurt, so you know these guys can handle pain. Actually, most of these guys get off on it. They really get turned on by pain, so lots of these guys are into BDSM. Get off to his painful pleasure. These cams feature nipple clamps, spiked pinwheels, electric zaps, and lots of hard ass fucking. We guarantee a cum fest, from both you and him. These pierced guys can’t wait to show you what’s in their pleasure chest of pain. Tune in now for all the hot live kinky action.    

There are so many kinds of piercings guys can get, and lots of these guys have more than one. You can see their ears pierced, which is super hot, and some have their ears gauged. The super wild ones have them stretched, some so big they can fit a cock through them! Tongues are the next big thing, because tongue rings make oral sex so much more pleasurable than it already is. Whether he’s sucking a dick, licking a vag, or eating some ass, you can be guaranteed the recipient is getting so much pleasure. These guys are givers, and love to please, so know that these studs will do a lot to make sure you’re satisfied. You can check out hot guys with nipple rings, some have one and others have both. Nipple piercings make for some kinky BDSM play.

Other guys have facial piercings like eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, nose piercings and facial dermal anchors. These guys are super bad, and you’ll always have a good time with them. And of course, there’s the coveted Prince Albert. Guys who have Prince Albert piercings, or any dick piercings for that matter, are one of a kind. The pain was immense when they got it, but boy does it make their pleasure intensified 1000 times more than normal. Just a few strokes of a hand or a few licks or pumps can send this guy into ecstasy. Watch as his studded penis spurts out hot cum like a volcano erupting hot lava.     

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The hot studs on these Piercing Cams on CameraLux will definitely satisfy your fetish for bad boys. These badass hunks love showing off their bejeweled bodies. Their piercings range from few to many, so whatever your taste is you’ll be able to find the sexy studded stud that’s perfect for you. Pierced guys are known to be wild, so tune into any one of these live cams and see just how wild things get.  

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