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If you don’t know what a fuck buddy is, fuck buddies are 2 (or more) people whose main purpose of interaction is sex. They’re not in an emotional relationship, it’s purely sexual. They might be coworkers, friends, acquaintances, or neighbors. These guys don’t want all the baggage and hassle that comes with a relationship-caring about each other’s feelings, being faithful, being tied down. With fuck buddies, there’s no fighting, no commitment, and no problems. Fuck buddies share a love of sex, and they both have the same sexual interests, fantasies, and fetishes. When these hunky dudes come together, they have mind-blowing sex.  

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Don’t be fooled by the intense sexual chemistry these two have. Their relationship only goes as far as the bedroom (or wherever they get it on). There’s no deep feelings between these two studs, only dicks deep in asses. Listen to their hot XXX stories of how they met. Maybe it was a club encounter, or they had steaming hot anal in the supply closet at work. Or maybe, a frat boy wanted to try out anal sex, and had his first taste with his girlfriend’s gay brother. These are just some examples of the tame stories you’ll find on here, so tune into CameraLux now for all the raunchy and hot sex stories.

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Let us tell you something about fuck buddies. This might be a term that is new to you if you are a little bit older or you live under a rock. Fuck buddies is the term for guys who just like to have sex without a relationship. With so much going on in our lives, we don’t always have time for a relationship. But sex is vital to our existence. If we don’t get it often, then we might combust. So fuck buddies started popping up, and now, they almost outnumber couples. The idea of having sex without chains linking you together is quite ideal for some people, and, for some, it’s nice to have a side piece if they are in a sexless, doomed relationship.  

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