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If your a chubby chaser, bear lover, fluffy fucker, or just are over guys who look like they’d break during a hard fuck session, then you need roll on over to our chubby cams. Our Chubby cams are full of fat and fluffy camboys who love to get nasty on their live-streamed cam shows. Skinny guys are no fun because they don’t look like they can handle some hard lovin’, and muscular guys are just so basic. Nobody really looks like that, and even if they do, all those guys care about is themselves. A chubby guy embraces his full figured body and knows all about indulging himself, and showing love for someone else. These guys are just as horny as anyone, and it’s all for your enjoyment on these live sex cams.

These chubby guys are incredibly attractive because they’re very comfortable and confident with their bodies. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, the dad bod is in now. Hot guys with a beer belly or a little extra here and there is a refreshing aesthetic compared to the fake looks of many adult stars today. Why see guys with unattainable body standards perform faked sex shows when you can live chat and have naughty fun with a sexy, wholesome, real guy. Our chubby guys are just as hot as any other cam models, and they love working up a sweat while stroking their cock, sucking some dick, or fucking. Chubby guys love to eat, so you know these guys have a hungry appetite for eating cock and ass. These guys also know they have to work extra hard to please, so they are willing to do a lot to get your attention and satisfy you.

Our chubby cams on CameraLux are full of sexy chubs. Love handles, beer bellies, thick thighs and big arms are in good supply here. Whether you’re looking for a guy with a little extra stuffing around the middle or a hefty guy with lots to love all over, we have the perfect chubby guy for you. These guys love to stroke their cocks for the camera until they shoot their load. And we bet watching them, it’ll get you horny and you’ll be cumming right after them. Watch as big bears pummel the ass of their chunky cub, or a chubby dom makes his sub worship all of his rolls. There’s so much that can be going on on these chubby cams, so don’t just stick to one! Our cams are free for browsing so you can check out as much hot chub action as you want.

It’s a common misconception that chubby guys have small cocks. But with these guys, that is a big load of horseshit. Our hot chubby studs on CameraLux have huge cocks that are perfect for stroking, slapping, sucking, and fucking. These hot studs know their dicks are a treasure, and don’t think twice about flashing it. Think about any chubby guy you see in a movie. They all have the best personalities. They’re friendly, warm, funny, and love to please. So picture all of that, combined with a burning horniess and a dirty mind. You now have all of our guys on our Chubby cams.  

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Our hot chubs are from all over the map. You can have a XXX chat live with chunky American studs, black guys with lots to love, Euro plumpers, Latino papis with a panza, and even chubby Asian hunks. Our Chubby cams have tons of bears and cubs, 18+ chubs and mature chubs, and many other sexy plump studs. We also have hot chunky hunky straight men for those who are interested.  

And the best part is, all of this hot XXX cam action is live. None of that fake pre-recorded porn videos. With CameraLux, you wear the pants. You have control over what you watch, and if you like a certain type or are into a particular fetish, you can find the perfect guy for you. You can also ask these hot tubbos to do almost anything. We said, they’re people pleasers. So ask these guys to take a bigger dildo or even stuff two in their ass. They have big fat plump asses, and so they have lots of room.

Perhaps the sexiest thing about fat guys is how down to earth they are. Have you ever noticed how conceited and rude guys in good shape are? They talk down to you if you aren’t in comparable shape to them. Which is quite honestly hard to attain, unless you dedicate your whole life to being miserable and stuck in a smelly gym. Chubby guys are the total opposite. You never have to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about your body around them, because they are not judgement, nor do they feel that way about their own body. Sexual interactions with a chubby man are the best, because you will finish feeling satisfied and happy with yourself. They serve you an orgasm with a side of confidence.

We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. All of this chubby fun on CameraLux is absolutely free. Unlike other sites that charge you to browse hot tubbos, CameraLux doesn’t. We don’t even ask you to make a profile or register an email. We do however, offer the convenience of tokens, which can be used to show appreciation to your favorite chubby bunny. If you like the way they move their body rolls while they perform a sexy strip tease, or jerk off their fat cock, show your appreciation with a tip. Use the tokens to get yourself some visual art of you fave fat fuckers, so you can enjoy their bodacious bods as often as you’d like. We also offer different levels of CameraLux membership, which you can get to enhance your CameraLux chub experience.