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While bears aren’t considered sexy from a mainstream stereotypical standpoint (and let’s be honest, who follows mainstream norms anyways), in reality, bears are super hot. Try and come up with something sexier than a towering man, hairy and rugged, with lots of body mass. Many of these bears spend hours working out in the gym beefing up, while others embrace their soft bodies as they are. There are also more feminine bears who are every bit as sexy as the masculine ones. Bears make you feel protected and taken care of, and trust us, these studs ar going to be taking very good care of you on their cam shows. Whether they’re rubbing their dicks, getting head, or pounding their cock into their honeybee’s ass, we guarantee a sexy show that is definitely going to get you hard.  

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CameraLux has a diverse set of bears that is sure to please any bear lover. If you’re into Asians, come check out the panda bears on here. Sure, they’re rare, but when you find one, you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery. Sugar bears are looking for someone to take care of them, grizzly bears are looking to dominate, and of course there are sweet cubs. If you don’t know what a cub is and you’re into younger men, then you probably would like to be informed on what they are. Whether you know what kind of bear men you’re into or you are just having your first experience right now, we urge you to take your time to find the bear that is just right for you.  

There are many people who wouldn’t consider bears sexy. Well, it’s their loss. Bears are a popular fixture of the gay community and they are incredibly attractive, despite what many people will say. I mean, just look at them. They’re big, hairy, tall, and manly. How is that not sexy? Sure maybe they have a little belly or thick arms and legs, but what’s important is how strong they are. Many bears workout to be strong, so you will be blown away at their strength. Just imagine them picking you up in the middle of sex and switching or flipping you around to change positions. They don’t want to look muscular, they do it more for an inner satisfaction of being able to exude power over their lovers.   

The great thing about bears is that they’re highly sexual and many of them are into fetishes. One of the most popular fetishes amongst bears is a leather fetish? Why is that? Because leather makes them feel more powerful than they already are. These guys are big and burly and being dressed in structured leather outfits only makes them feel that much more secure in their manhood. Coinciding with their leather fetish is a fetish for BDSM or dungeon sex. While there are plenty of bears who are not really that kinky and just enjoy some nice tame sex, there are plenty who love XXX hardcore shit, so if that’s what you’re in the mood to see, then bear cams on CameraLux are a great way to go.

In many societies, gay men are ostracised, and bears even more so, because they stick out from a crowd. Unfortunately, they often aren’t able to express their love for their boyfriend or husband in public like they wish they could. Many bears enjoy the company of cubs so they are sometimes greeted with bad looks and preconceptions. So when a big hunky bear is camming on CameraLux, he feels free and is able to do whatever he wants. Moreover, he knows that his audience is wanting to see him and what he is doing, which makes him feel unjudged. This means they don’t judge either, so don’t be afraid of any requests, these bears love trying new things.  

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