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It doesn’t get much better than a hunky stud from the good ol’ US of A stroking his cock for the camera and showing off his sexy bod. On CameraLux’s American Guy cams, you will encounter the most sizzling men from all 50 states ready to go down n’ dirty. We have cocks from Colorado, Charlotte, Columbus, and Connecticut, asses from Austin and Arkansas, and dicks from Delaware, Dallas and Detroit. Have a loot at what makes America so great with these 100% USDA grade beefy studs. American Guys are one of most popular cams, so come see why! 

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CameraLux’s hot American studs hail from all corners of the USA. Care to see how shy farm boys from Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Montana wrangle their cocks in the morning, noon, and night? Those brusk East Coast accents on hot men from Jersey, NY, Philly, Maine, Boston, and New Hampshire are so hot, when he tells you how he likes to stroke his cock, it’ll make you burst right then and there. You can check out the sexy guys from Florida and Georgia and see how they handle the summer heat.  

America is known as the land of the plenty, and here at CameraLux’s American Guy cams, we have plenty of hot American men who can’t wait to give you a good show. From Alaska and Hawaii to Rhode Island and Maryland, and everywhere in between, we have the sexiest US studs who love to strip down and brandish their John HanCOCK. These guys, coming from the land of the free, are very free sexually and love to stroke their dicks, stick toys up their butts, and fuck around with other hot American studs. You can find desert hunks from Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, or Southern gentlemen from Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Since America is such a big place, the amount of guys are endless.  

Chat with cowboys from Texas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky and see the kinky things these cowboys do with their ropes. Men from urban cities like LA, NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago are very dominant and love to boss around a stud like you. Likewise, men from San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, and Indianapolis are submissive and love it when you tell then exactly how to stroke their meat. You can see sexy mixed men from El Paso and Miami, or 100% American boys from Indianapolis or Fort Worth. Check out the party boys from NoLa and Vegas, or see the white collar men from Seattle and DC turn ultra-kinky as soon as their tie comes off.

These hot stud love to chat with sexy viewers all over the world, and it doesn’t matter where you come from. You can even be from the same area as them, and they’ll still be just as horny from you. Watch XXX rated DP sessions with guys from Denver and Pennsylvania, and orgasm with studs from Ohio and Oregon. There’s nothing virginial about the 18+ twinks from the Virginas, and tens will be the only men you see from Tennessee.    

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Where else but our site will you be able to interact with sexy men from places like Minnesota and Vermont for free? We bet you’ve tried those other cam sites, and maybe even a few dating sites. Perhaps you don’t get to travel to the US as often as you’d like to, or even if you do, you might not have the confidence to go out and meet American guys. We get it, they can be a little intimidating, especially if you don’t feel good about speaking English. Well let go of those worries because on CameraLux, the American guys on here are here for a reason. They want to meet people from everywhere, and not just meet, but engage sexually through their webcam with them. So don’t worry if you don’t think you’re good enough for them, because you are! The American men on our cams are very nice, not like the mean or judgemental Americans you might encounter elsewhere. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like, our camboys genuinely want to meet you

If you’ve never been to the US, you can explore the entire country without having to deal with actually travelling there. The camboys come from all 50 states, so make a list of your top states you want to visit and start a search for which one is your favorite. Compare dicks between the camboys from the Dakotas and Carolinas. Ask men from your most desired states to perform the sexual act of your choice, then reward the winner with a tip.

We know there is a stereotype that men from the US are very judgemental and prejudice against gays and people from other places. While that may be true for some of the population, you never have to worry with the guys on these cams. It takes a clear headed and welcoming mindset to be a cam model, and all of the men on here fit the bill.    

Studs from Memphis and Nashville are waiting to serenade you with a sexy country song-naked. The macho men from Missouri and Massachusetts love pounding their massive meat into the ass of their boyfriends. Why settle for a boring guy when you can have a fetish king from Wyoming or Wisconsin.

America is a melting pot, and you can find any guy to suit your needs. We have 18+ and mature men both camming on our American guy cams, as well as white, black, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans, and mixed studs. Bears, twinks, gipsters, otters, wolves, twunks, we got them all. Cum and see who’s waiting for you on American Guy cams on CameraLux. If you decide you care to show your face on your webcam to one of these studs, have a good quality one so he can get a nice view of you. We recommend being firmly connected to your wifi or internet server, so then you are able to see his cock and balls and everything else in full HD.

The men from Illinois, Idaho, and Indiana have an itch only you can scratch, and watch the hot studs from Michigan and Washington spurt cum like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Those hot Mormon boys from Utah are unbelievably kinky, thanks to all those years of pent-up sexual frustration, and of course, no tour of the US would be complete without the sexy tanned beach boys from California.