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Are you into hot guys who don’t fit the cookie cutter mold? Love to see a guy tatted and pierced, and maybe a little intimidating? Then the Alternative cam guys on CameraLux are right up your alley. These guys aren’t the basic looking guys you can find on any other site. These dude love to rock bright hair and tattoos, and love to show off all of their piercings. Alternative guys don’t follow the crowds, so don’t expect the same stuff you’ll see from average guys. These guys are so wild, there’s no telling what they might do

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Love your guy to have a little edge? Want to see some kinky studs performing XXX shows just for you? The alternative guys on CameraLux love putting on one of a kind shows for their customers. If you’re into guys who don’t fit the norm, then you’re in luck. These alternative studs have a different, unique look. They might have wild colored hair, or tattoos, or piercings, especially in naughty places. These are wild guys and love to have fun, especially for you on their sex cams. Alternative guys are kinky. Some are doms and tell you exactly how they want you to get off, and other are submissive and will stroke their junk or do whatever else you command.

With all those piercings and tattoos, you know he’s a fiend for pain. These are the guys that are into kink. Nipple clamps, pinwheels, BDSM, they love it all. Many alternative guys are into fetishes, so if you’re looking for something erotic and unique, our alt cams are for you. Watch as he jacks off and spurts out of his Prince Albert-pierced dick. Alternative guys are usually into cartoons or manga, so you can have some sexy role playing with their (and your) favorite characters. These alt guys are also super into video games, so watch him play naked, and when he levels up, he’ll give you a sexy surprise.  

Often times, people find these kinds of men a little aggressive or weird. Alternative guys have a lot of substance to them, but many people don’t take the time to find out how awesome they actually are. Many alternative men are quite lonely, and can’t find a sexual partner. This leads them to the sex cam. But don’t feel too sorry for them, because alternative guys actually prefer to be on the computer finding people than out in the real world. In the sphere on CameraLux’s alternative cams, they are not only accepted for their differences, but they are celebrated.  

Speaking of rock, these guys love rock and heavy metal. Ask them to put on their favorite tunes and watch them rock out with their cock out. The combination of heavy metal music and the sex acts take things to a whole new erotic level.  

Get these guys rock hard by talking about some of your favorite hobbies. If you like D&D, video games, indie rock concerts, art galleries, or anything, we’re sure you can find a horny alternative dude on here who will get excited to chat about those things with you. See him get turned on as he talks about his favorite band, or favorite comic book character. Listen to her story of how he had a wild orgy with the members of your mutually favorite band. Sit back and relax with pleasure as he strokes his long hard cock for the camera. There’s no telling what these guys will do, so you’ll just have to tune in to find out!  

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While not all of the guys on this site are fully gay, many alt dudes are bi, or bi-curious. Maybe they got drunk once and made out with a guy, and want to explore more. Or maybe they love having hot sex with other alternative guys while their alt girlfriend watches. Some of these guys like to experiment with anal-butt plugs, anal beads, and dildos galore. While others just like to rub one out or get a blowjob-or be tops. Browse around and find the funky stud that’s just your style.

These guys love chatting with you. Let them know your deep dark fantasies and they will be happy to fulfill them. You definitely shouldn't judge a book by its cover in these cams. You may find a super intimidating alt guy who is actually the sweetest, or you may see a shy boy that is into some wild kink. You never know until you try, so give it a shot! The Live Alternative Sex Cams on CameraLux feature some of the hottest action you’ll find on the web.

In your non-virtual life, you may not come across guys like these. Maybe they’re not in your town, or maybe they are and you feel embarrassed to seek them out. Online sex cam chats are great, because you can be guaranteed 100% that these guys won’t judge you. They genuinely like meeting all kinds of people, and are here to get to know you and give you naughty shows.

Society tends to shun alternative guys because they don’t fit the “norm.” They can’t fully be themselves, which is why they love to come online to their cam shows and really let loose. You’ll be seeing the hottest, mind-blowing action, all live. It’s such an incredible turn on to watch anyone be free and themselves, with no inhibitions. And it’s especially sexy on these live sex cams on CameraLux, because we have the hottest guys around. 

While it’s the 21st century and being gay is widely accepting in many areas, in others, it is not. Even if you live in a place where being gay is fine, your personal life may not allow you to be open about yourself. Webcam porn is a way to express and indulge in your sexuality without compromising your name. Be anonymous as you search and watch these alternative cams, or make a profile and be out and proud. We give you the option.  

Whether you’re into white guys, black guys, Latinos, Asians, Middle Eastern, or mixed, you can find your perfect stud on here. While many alternative guys tend to be on the thinner side, you can also find muscular and hefty men as well. Young 18+ college boys looking to experiment and mature silver foxes who know exactly what they like both flock to CameraLux to meet sexy people like you.