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We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s just something erotic and sexy about a girl puffing away on a cigarette or cigar. Maybe it’s the way she lights it up, or puts it in between her juicy lips to take a puff. Watching her inhale and exhale is so arousing, we bet you’ll be craving more that just a smoke watching this. These girls don’t just have sex appeal, they ARE sex appeal. CameraLux provides you with the means to chat and flirt with tons of erotic smoker babes. These smoking fetish cams are really...smoking. Smokers are waiting for hot visitors in Girls Chat! Watch Free Live Sex Cams without registration or create your account for FREE! ► Free Girls and Female Chat - Online Chat Rooms for Girls and Lesbians 08/20/2018 🔥 CAMERALUX.CA 🔥

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Picture this: a super sexy woman with a cigarette or cigar between her plump juicy red lips, puffing away and rubbing her pussy. With every exhale of smoke she gets more turned on until she orgasams. Are you hard yet? We thought so. If that mental picture is turning you on, then visit all the sexy chicks on Smoking cams. These girls love puffing away on cigarettes, cigars, and even hookah while mastubating and fucking. Smoker babes are rebellious and give off a sexy bad girl vibe. If you’re into that, then we have tons of girls for you on CameraLux’s Smoking cams.

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Yes, we all know those “smoking kills” ads. In this day in age, smoking is seen as taboo, or something bad. Which just makes these girls all the more hotter. What could be sexier than a girl who is doing something she shouldn’t? And what’s more, she gets turned on from inhaling the smoke, and the nicotine gives her a great sensation which just makes her all the more wild. You’ll see tons of bad girls puffing while finger fucking their pleasure holes, or lighting up while taking it up the ass. Watch them cum as they blow smoke into their webcam, and you will be orgasming right along with them. This is some hot fetish fun, so don’t expect any vanilla sex here. If you’re wild and nasty, then these are the perfect babes for you.

Sexy girls puffing on a smoke give off an old Hollywood vibe. All of the women in the classic Golden Age seductress films always had a cigarette at their perfectly polished lips, and it gave them an elegant classy feel. Or you can look at more contemporary movies and see hot bad girls smoking like a chimney. Even though smoking can turn some people off, it really is a turn on, some guys even have a smoking fetish. Smoker hotties are unapologetic about their naughty habit. These are the kinds of girls who have that “don’t give a fuck” attitude. She’s super confident in herself and does whatever she wants to satisfy her. Adventurous and rebellious, we guarantee you won’t have anything less than a rockin’ time with one (or more) of these horny babes.

Sure, smoking isn’t the healthiest for you, but neither are a lot of pleasures in life. Some people may think that smoking makes a girl seem gross or dirty. We’re here to prove to you otherwise. Well, to be honest, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t think that. But just in case you do, give us a minute and we will change your mind. First of all, when you are camming with a girl who is smoking, you can’t smell it at all. There is no hazard of second-hand smoke, and if you have given up cigarettes but still like to see girls smoke them, these cams are perfect. You won’t be triggered by the smell and you still get to watch an attractive girl having a cigarette. Second of all, the camgirls on CameraLux are hot. There are few things in life that a sexy nude girl can’t make hot. Even if it is something “bad”, when a beautiful naked girl is doing it, things somehow seem better. Have we convinced you? We bet we have.

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But these girls aren’t just using their mouths to puff puff away. Not all girls are like this, so when you find a girl who is willing to do this it’s a special treat, but some of these kinky hoes can smoke out of their pussy! What?! Yes you read that right. Her mouth lips aren’t her only lips she’s putting around her cig. Some of these girls put their cigar or cigarette in their snatch and by something we can only describe as talent, flex their pussy muscles to inhale and exhale smoke. The nicotine hits them faster and stronger, and it’s an incredible sensation, some girls squirt right on the spot! But like we said, this is only done by some girls, so if that’s something you’d like to see, get chatting with a lot of babes until you find the girl who can do that for you.

Since smoking is such a no-no in most societies nowadays, where can you light up and have a smoke with a sexy girl without feeling shamed? CameraLux, that’s where. Whether you’re a regular smoker, just enjoy a few occasional puffs,  or just like watching sexy girls inhale and blow smoke, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find tons of hot babes who love huffing and puffing, and did we mention those sexy, sultry voices? None of that high-pitched girly-girl squeals. Her raspy voice is alluring and goes right along with her vibe.   

Whatever kind of girl you’re into, you can find her on Smoking cams. Many European babes are smokers, as well as Latinas. While Asian chicks in general aren’t big on smoking, the hot Asians you’ll find on here are super sexy and naughty. Blondes, redheads, wild colored hair, brunettes, thin, curvy, BBW...any girl can be a smoker, so you’re guaranteed to find your dream babe.

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