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Technology is a beautiful thing, but the Interactive cam girls on CameraLux are ever more beautiful, and waiting for you to come and take control of their pleasure. What could be better than knowing that you’re in control of her orgasams, and every time she squirts, it’s because of your doing. Well you sexy studs, you don’t have to wonder anymore. When you’re in a vibrant chat with one of these interactive beauties, you have complete control over her body. Control her vibrators and other naughty sex toys just how you want. Cause them to buzz, pulse, spin, wave, stop, and start. It doesn’t matter how far away she is. With interactive sex toys, it’s like you’re in the same room.  

These horny babes have hooked up their toys to their cam show, so that their fans can interact with them and make them cum. Some extra dirty whores will even use two toys at once, one in their dripping pussy and another buzzing in their tight asshole. To control the toys, all you need to do is give that sexy hottie some tokens and the toy will automatically spring into action. Each toy has a variety of functions, like spinning, vibrating, pulsing, etc. and each function will be activated by a set token amount. Join the group fun and add to the mix of people playing with the sexy goddess. Or you can take her private and be the sole controller of her pleasure.

You’ve never had a cam experience quite like interactive sex. Instead of just watching your favorite girl use sex toys to pleasure her love holes, you can be in control of how those toys work. Her pleasure is in your hands. The higher token amount you give, the wilder the toys go, these filthy babes will be screaming and moaning in pleasure, even screaming your name as they squirt their love juice, because you’re the one who made it happen.

Take interactive sex to the next level when you hook up a fleshlight or similar device to have virtual sex. How does this work? Your device is matched with her machine, and every thrust you give, she will be able to feel it inside her pussy or ass. Give it to her fast and hard for a hardcore fuck session or slow for a nice and sweet ride. Even if she is on the opposite side of the globe, it will be like you are right here inside her.

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Online camming is the sexy new technology leading the way into the future of the online porn industry. And interactive play is even newer and sexier. Standard porn sites have pre-recorded videos that are ok, but don’t let you have any say, or have control over the toys. But on our site, be in the action live with the sultriest babes the world has to offer. Our models love putting on a sexy show, and love even more when you take control and make their toys buzz, spin, pulse, vibrate, and thump until they just can’t take it anymore. Interactive cam sex let’s YOU be the boss. Fulfill your dreams of directing your own porno, only this is better because it’s live, real, and you get to be the one who is pleasuring these babes. These naughty vixens and their love holes are at your mercy.

To take part in interactive cam sex, you must have tokens in your account. The toys are automatically activated based on the amount of tips they receive. The camgirls decide how many tokens it will take for their toy to do a certain movement. Join a chat room with other guests and jump in the mix. Interactive cam sex is more fun with more people, because it’s full of surprises. These babes will be overwhelmed with pleasure from all of the different sensations her toy is giving her. She’ll be cumming so much, don’t even bother to ask her count how many times she orgasms. You can also check out her wishlists, and see if there are any new interactive toys you can get for her so you can have even more fun. Watching the cams is free, but not as fun, because you’re not participating. Why watch an interactive cam if you’re not going to interact? As always, you can tip the model whenever you want.

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