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Ass is in right now. Just check out Instagram or the magazines. Models and celebrities are staying away from the bony butt look in favor of a juicy, healthy, plump backside. Real men love a woman with curves, and on CameraLux, you’ll find all that your heart desires. Some of these babes are thinner with a full behind, while others are sexy and curvy all over. Big butt models can have any hair color, with any skin tone. Many of our bangin’ big booty babes are Latina and Ebony and live all over the world. They’re all looking to make your ass fantasies come true. Fat asses are just more fun. There’s much more to play with, and these girls aren’t shy. They have a hungry sexual appetite and are waiting for you to come and fulfill it. Come and watch the naughty things these horny babes can do with their juicy rears and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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