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Do you get all fired up for a girl who isn't like the rest? Want to have hot cam sex with a hippie chick, punk rocker babe, or gamer girl? Then don't look any further than these alternative camgirls right here in CameraLux's elite cams. These hot sluts don't look like the same washed-up basic bitches you'll see other places. These girls have dreads, piercings, tattoos, fiunky haircuts, and a wide range of interests which make them easy to connect with. Watch as these unique whores masturbate just for you. If you are looking for a new and fresh chick to have some XXX cam fun with, then these alternative cams will surely satisfy you. 

  • Joana Black
    PRIVATE: 30.0GROUP: 10.0VOYEUR: 10.0
  • Dafne
    PRIVATE: 30.0GROUP: 10.0VOYEUR: 10.0
  • Ninfa Fetiche
    PRIVATE: 50.0GROUP: 10.0VOYEUR: 30.0
  • Agathá
    PRIVATE: 20.0GROUP: 10.0VOYEUR: 7.0
  • Anny
    PRIVATE: 30.0GROUP: 10.0VOYEUR: 30.0
  • startrix
    PRIVATE: 15.0GROUP: 10.0VOYEUR: 7.0
  • Rasta
    PRIVATE: 10.0GROUP: 6.0VOYEUR: 7.0

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            Love girls with an edgy side to her? Looking to see erotic whores getting naked on live sex cams just for you? These alternative camgirls on will put on a wild show just for you. These girls aren't like the rest. If you're looking to watch as a nude girl plays video games, or a hippie girl dances around while fingering her bush, then you've found the right cams. Everyone knows that alternative girls are freaks. Alternative girls are kinky, they can be dominant and won't hold back when she tells you how she wants you to stroke your cock, or even when she wants you to orgasm. Maybe she’s a submissive little slut and will spank herself if you command her to do so.

            Those piercings and tattoos weren't painless to get, so you know she has a fetish for a little kink. This hottie gets off on mixing pain and pleasure and is eager to let you see it on camera. Maybe she’ll be flogging her pussy with a whip or clamping her nipples. Lots of alternative girls have fetishes, so look for a fierce and impish babe who can complete your fantasy. Tune into alternative cams and watch as sexy sluts toy with the piercing in their clit until they squirt, or use a ball gag while they toy with their butthole with a vibrator. Alternative girls can also be into manga or cartoons and love dressing up and role-playing their favorite characters for you. Watch her as she plays video games naked, and if she beats a level, she will perform the naughty act of your choice.

            Some people think that these alternative girls with piercings, tattoos, and unique hair are rude, standoffish, or mean. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. These girls are sweet and creative with a wild side. She is super friendly and open, and super horny (of course, if you want her to be rude to turn you on, we’re sure she’ll oblige.) Take this slut into a private chat cam room and have your way with her. You might discover a whole new side to this nasty slut.

            These girls love orgasming. Watch as they finger themselves, or slide a dildo into their pussies. Alternative girls love vibrators, so don’t hesitate to ask her which one is her favorite to play with. Maybe she even will use two at once. It’s all live, so you never know what can happen. If you love punk rock chicks, goth girls, and manic pixies, you’ll be in heaven on these Alternative cams on

            Get these girls turned on by discussing shared interests. If you like video games, RPG, comics, music, art, cheesemaking, or, really, any kind of hobby, there is an alternative camgirl on here who shares those interests and we bet would be delighted to talk to you about them, while she's nude. Watch her as she gets excited and starts touching herself when she talks about Comicon or D&D.  See her as she caresses her soft tits for the camera. These chicks are wild and crazy and are counting down the seconds until they can interact with you. 

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            Nude alternative girls are super sexy and we bet that if you’re nice to them they will do all kinds of things to satisfy you. What is an alternative girl you as? Well, there are many different kinds. Alternative just means out of the standard, so instead of bottle blonde bimbos, you can have cam sex with artists, punk rockers, hippies, nerds, gamer girls, and girls with a wide range of interests and styles that don’t follow the norm. If you are intimidated by the standard pornstar looking camgirls, who, if we’re being honest, are a little boring and overrated, then these alternative camgirls are just perfect for you.

            You might also find lots of intellectual girls on these alternative girl cams. Of course, all our categories are filled with sexy, intelligent women, but those who are extra bookish like to come to the alternative category because they feel like they would get more attention here. Would you like to see a girl talk about quantum physics while stripping and pleasuring her pussy? What about having a heated debate over string theory and whoever loses has to perform a naughty sex act chosen by the winner? Cam sex is supposed to be fun, exciting, and something you can’t get in real life, and on these alternative cams, you’ll get just that.

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